Mark Your Calendar: June 29th, 2022 – The Annual General Meeting of the Lanark Heritage Preservation Society

illustration: artist rendering
The Annual General Meeting of the Lanark Heritage Preservation Society, which will be happening on Wednesday, June 29th at the Lanark Civitan Club (7:00 p.m.). The meeting is open to the community.
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Sign the Petition: Let’s Keep Up The Pressure!

Copy of the posted noticeIt was great to see that Council posted a notice to the owner of the Glenayr Kitten Mill ordering him to deal with its deteriorating state. However, this has happened before and nothing was enforced. We need to let Council know that we, the undersigned, urge Council to follow through with their posted notice.

We are also alarmed that the notice lists “demolition” as a possible solution. The Kitten Mill is an important heritage building and a keystone site at the entrance to Lanark Village.

As a resident and taxpayer of the Municipality of Lanark Highlands, I strongly urge Council to designate the building as a heritage site and enforce the township’s Clean and Safe Property By-law, the Provincial Building Act; and the Provincial Heritage Act in respect to the deteriorating condition of the Glenayr Kitten Mill.

Prefer to sign a paper-based petition?

We thank the following locations for hosting a physical signing sheet for this petition:

    • Town of Lanark:
      • Pretty Goods
      • Lanark Pizza
      • Dollar Store
      • Remedy’s Rx
      • Lanark Village Pet Centre
      • Lanark Community Thrift Shop
    • Chip stands:
      • Fitz’s (Lanark),
      • Tiny Tim’s (Lanark),
      • Fork In The Road (Clydesville)
      • Elphin Chip Stand (Elphin)
  • Highlands Country Store
    (McDonalds Corners)
  • MERA (McDonalds Corners)
  • Sylvania Lodge (Dalhousie Lake)
  • Hopetown General Store
  • Middleville Museum (Middleville)
  • Clayton General Store (Clayton)
  • White Lake General Store
    (White Lake)

Spring Returns to Lanark

Sap buckets hung on maple trees

No, we didn’t get the My Main Street grant we applied for. But it won’t be the last one we apply for, and we’ll get the more important ones: the ones to fund the restoration of the Kitten Mill.

Meanwhile, the idea of making Lanark into a Heritage Destination site – and thus creating a new form of tourism; more customers for local businesses; and some of the local economic development that has been so sadly lacking – is still on the drawing board. Without the My Main Street grant, we’ll have to scale down our ambitions a bit, but with community support and volunteers, we can still run a Lanark Village Heritage Day. Stay tuned for the details!

And in the meantime, look at the wonderful video just posted: Memories of Kitten Mill workers.

January Update: Bad News, Good News

Bad News, Good NewsWell, there’s disappointing news and good news.

The disappointing news: the owner of the Kitten Mill responded to our offer by simply saying he doesn’t want to sell. That wasn’t altogether a surprise, as he’d said that before; nevertheless, it was a disappointment. We would have liked to know what his reasons were so we could reframe and re-submit our proposal.

The good news: We had a Zoom meeting (with Michael Rikley-Lancaster, curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum) to plan for next steps. Here’s what we decided:

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