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December Update

Mississippi Valley Textile MuseumMichael Rikley-Lancaster, the Curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, arranged a couple of very helpful Zoom meetings about the Kitten Mill on Thursday, December 2.

Ontario Historical Society

Michael and I spoke with Rob Leverty of the Ontario Historical Society (OHS) about the process of incorporating the Lanark Heritage Preservation Board (we’ve already reserved the name, a necessary first step). The OHS can guide us through incorporating the Society, including development of the required constitution and by-laws (if you don’t get them right, tedious delays result, and the OHS has helped multiple Ontario organizations through the process).

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Kitten Mill Meeting – After The Meeting

More than 50 people came out to the Community Meeting held Sunday, October 31st in Lanark, to discuss the fate of the site known locally as the “Kitten Mill”. The meeting consisted of three parts:
  1. What we know and don’t know (yet)
  2. A proposal on how to move forward.
  3. Community feedback and blue-sky thinking over future uses for the site.

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