January Update: Bad News, Good News

Bad News, Good NewsWell, there’s disappointing news and good news.

The disappointing news: the owner of the Kitten Mill responded to our offer by simply saying he doesn’t want to sell. That wasn’t altogether a surprise, as he’d said that before; nevertheless, it was a disappointment. We would have liked to know what his reasons were so we could reframe and re-submit our proposal.

The good news: We had a Zoom meeting (with Michael Rikley-Lancaster, curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum) to plan for next steps. Here’s what we decided:

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Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, Ontario www.mvtm.ca | Almonte, Outdoor decor, Textile museumMississippi Valley Textile Museum

December Update

Mississippi Valley Textile MuseumMichael Rikley-Lancaster, the Curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, arranged a couple of very helpful Zoom meetings about the Kitten Mill on Thursday, December 2.

Ontario Historical Society

Michael and I spoke with Rob Leverty of the Ontario Historical Society (OHS) about the process of incorporating the Lanark Heritage Preservation Board (we’ve already reserved the name, a necessary first step). The OHS can guide us through incorporating the Society, including development of the required constitution and by-laws (if you don’t get them right, tedious delays result, and the OHS has helped multiple Ontario organizations through the process).

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